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Karpaha Sands – A Gem in the Unexplored Paradise of Kalkudah

Are you looking for a calm and undisturbed vacation, close to the nature? But still don´t ...

2018-10-18 180 People

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By NicoleKupke

2018-10-18 180 People

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Karpaha Sands – A Gem in the Unexplored Paradise of Kalkudah

Are you looking for a calm and undisturbed vacation, close to the nature? But still don´t want to renounce a luxurious and unique hotel? We have the perfect location: Karpaha Sands is a real treasure among the hotels in Sri Lanka! Why? Well, here are the reasons that make this accommodation so outstanding:

Impressions of the Location

Like all treasures, Karpaha Sands is hidden and waits for you to find it. Even though it belongs to Kalkudah, the hotel is located in the bay south of the town, far away from city noises and tourist hustle. The last part of the track from Kalkudah, you are driving on a red unpaved and bumpy road right through nature surroundings. For us, it was an adventure itself just to get to the hotel and made us even more curious.

When you reach the destination, you will find the hotel surrounded by palmyra trees, directly at the beautiful eastern coastline of Sri Lanka. The buildings are included into the environment of a former palm plantation and unlike in other places, they don´t disturb the pristine and native flair of the location.

The beach in front of the hotel seems endless from here, it is clean and wide. No other hotels are close to Karpaha Sands, which creates a stunning ambiance of undisturbed tranquility and private relaxation.

We arrived in the late afternoon and enjoyed exploring the spacious gardens and areas, before secluding ourselves in our private suites.

Discovering the Suites

The rooms are definitely a highlight here. They have the unique architecture of tented suites, surrounded by gardens and palmtrees.

Seperated into 3 types, they are offering comfortable accomodations for different needs. The palam suites are double rooms that are facing the oceanfront, whereas the kolaya cabins have their own garden and private ambiance.

Finally, the seed suites are made to accommodate a group of friends or a family, with 2 bedrooms and a spacious garden.
You enter the rooms through a glass door and step into a big living area with a couch, some dressers and a king-size bed.

The decorations are stunning choice art pieces and the photographies above the bed show sri lankan sceneries. The whole ambiance makes you wanna live there and enjoy this place, instead of just spending the night there.
We were amazed by the luxury bathroom with a big bathtub and sinks in a natural design. Lay back in the bathtub, that is surrounded by floor lighting and take a bubble bath that will make you forget all stress and sorrows.

The toiletries with their creative labels are just lovely and another proof of how many ideas and details are included in the creation of this place.

We loved the outside shower of the suite. It feels like you are standing underneath a waterfall, the water splashing on your body and restoring your soul. The shower gels and shampoos will enchant you with exotic scents: This is a truly tropical experience you shouldn´t miss while staying at Karpaha Sands!

In front of the suites you have you own spacious terrace and again, the beauty lies in the details here. Instead of the typical tap to wash you feet when you come back from the beach, Karpaha Sands uses stone bowls filled with water and a scoop. It is much more original and natural, fitting perfectly in the overall impression of this hotel.

Activities for all Occasions

Since the hotels location is not directly in Pasikudah, it´s good that there are plenty things to do, on sunshine or gloomy days both. For us, the highlight was definitely the green tiled infinity pool, centered in the hotel area and looking out on the ocean.

The tiles make it look very natural. I dipped into the clear water and enjoyed the view to the bay, it´s truly like staying in paradise.

If you prefer the open water, the beach is right next to the hotel, so grab your bikini and towel and spend a day laying under the palmtrees and diving into the soft waves!
And if you are in the mood for a whole day of relaxation, why don´t you try out the hotel spa? In 2 beautiful wooden cabanas you can find a small wellness center. It´s offering for example hot stone massages and herbal massages, as well as ayurvedic treatments. So grant yourself some time to unwind and recover.

In the main building of the hotel you can explore the library on a rainy day. Loose the track of time and dream away in one of the books or magazines. You can also play some games with your friends or your kids there.

In the same building is the restaurant and bar of the hotel, where you can enjoy some fancy drinks and cocktails in the evening or lay back in one of the day beds in the lounge.

We recommend the one on the first floor in the corner of the restaurant, you have a great view to the pool and the ocean from there!

In the morning, when you get up early enough, you can watch the sunrise form the beach, casting the coast into golden light. They even offer yoga classes during that time and in the evening. It surely is the best ambiance for meditation and starting the day with some Asanas.

Dishes and Drinks with Diverse Flavors

Speaking about the restaurant, we enjoyed a very tasty breakfast at Karpaha Sands! They make their own bread, which tastes fresh and goes very well with typical western breakfast dishes.

The hotel kitchen offers sri lankan and european food, that you can have either in the restaurant or in a location you like, for example on your privat terrace or on the beach. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner in the most peaceful and calm surroundings. Later you can go to the bar and enjoy a drink. What a great place to chat with other hotel guests, meet new people, enjoy some music and round off the day.

Philosophy of Style and Sustainability

Karpaha Sands is not only fascinating because of its luxury accomodations and stunning location, it also has a unique concept, that combines all the features with each other. Two parts of this concept are especially impressive.
Firstly, everywhere in the hotel, you can find picked out art pieces by national and international artists, for example in the hotel rooms, the garden, the pool and even the toilets of the restaurant are artistically decorated.

The other part is that Karpaha Sands has an ecofriendly and sustainable philosophy. Included in this is easily degradable paper made out of elefant dung or suger cane, cleaning the pool with a natural chlorinator and reducing the plastic waste. For example, you can´t find plastic water or shampoo bottles in the rooms, only glass or clay vessels, as well as glass straws in the hotel restaurant.

It is amazing, how all of this is working together, making the hotel a pleasure to stay in. The great philosophy of a hotel with outstanding architectures and design in a pristine and untouched environment, all of this is Karpaha Sands. For us, it was an amazing time and truly exceptional experience. Come to Pasikudah – and explore it on your own!


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