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The Embazzy – A Piece of Home in a Sri lankan Bistro

Where to find it?

The Embazzy is one of Colombos hidden...

2018-09-26 192 People

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By NicoleKupke

2018-09-26 192 People

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The Embazzy – A Piece of Home in a Sri lankan Bistro

Where to find it?

The Embazzy is one of Colombos hidden treasures and you might want to put it on your list of places to visit in the capital. Located on Flower Road in the heart of Colombo, the impressive colonial building rises in an imposing arrangement of columns.

What does it look like inside?

You will pass the entrance and enter a spacious lounge with a lot of sofas and cozy armchairs, arranged to comfortable sitting areas. Between them, the appealing wooden stairways blends in perfectly in the interior design. If you take it, you reach the upper floor, that contains another lounge and an entertainment area with an xBox and Playstation for free usage. Sit down in one of the comfy beanbags, lay back, enjoy a game with your friends or surf the web thanks to free WiFi, feeling like you´re at home.

Additionally, there are two suites, hidden behind massive wooden doors. These private rooms are yours, if your receipt exceeds a specific amount. It´s a nice place if you come with a group of friends or for a cozy evening with your family. Or just stay there to do your homework or assignments in an undisturbed ambiance. The roomy and impressive lounges are not the only thing, that makes the interior so special. The decoration is carefully picked and adds a unique charm to the overall impression. The slogan is Eat | Travel | Live  and you can actually explore this philosophy in every corner. Vintage photographs of Paris are combined with modern art pieces. In the shelves you can find travel guides and books of places all around the world and the logo of the Embazzy, a modern art world map, is overlooking the huge lounge from the wall.

Food and Drinks?

Of course you can also find this concept in the menu, offering a variety of foods, beverages and flavors from all continents over the world. The Bruschetta (450 LKR) is a good choice if you would like to have a small entrée. Although it´s not made according to its traditional italian recipe with roasted ciabatta bread, the tomato and cheese create a very good taste and it´s perfect as an appetizer.

As a main dish, the Smoked Salmon Pasta (1450 LKR)is very recommendable. The fish has a delicous flavor and it goes perfectly with the spaghetti. The creamy and cheese pasta sauce complements the whole and you can expect to be replete after this symphony of tastes.
A good alternative is the Fish´n´Chips (1050 LKR), the classic british fastfood for any occasion. If you are looking for a snack, that´s the right thing to order. The Schnitzel-Burger (950 LKR) is an interesting cross of US-american and austrian cuisine, including a perfectly fried chicken cutlet in a delicious traditional burger with vegetables and sauce. And in case you prefer a simple and classic dish, you can also order a Chicken Lasagna (1100 LKR).
No perfect meal is completed without a delectable dessert. And here it´s really recommended to try one of their fantastic cakes and pies. Walk to the counter and have a look at the variety of delacacies, waiting for you to enjoy them.

Especially the Chocolate Cake  is very dreamy and sweet, so don´t think about the calories! Just taste and enjoy. Another all-time-classic is the cheesecake, and The Embazzy offers a variety of types. Maybe you would like to give it some exotic spin and take the Passion Cheesecake (550 LKR). The passion fruit makes the cake taste new and exciting, without being too experimental. This seems to be a unique feature of many foods and beverages, the Bistro offers.

You can also see that, when you look at the range of beverages on the menu. For example, you can find interesting and innovative drinks like the Kiwi-Ice Tea (400 LKR). If you´re into exotic flavors, you should really order it. What sounds like a questionable combination, is truly a surprise and definitely worth a try. And if you want to take the extraordinary taste to a next level, go for the Antioxidant Blast (600 LKR)! The name really describes it well and it´s surely not something for everyone, but the special combination of beetroot, strawberry, lime and blueberry will please the taste of someone, who loves to try out completely new flavors. The added chili on top of the glass makes it the probably most bizarre and special drink in their menu. Of course, the Embazzy also offers classic drinks like Coffee, Milkshakes (The Double Choc (590 LKR)and Mango (590 LKR) are yummy!) or juices. As you can see, the choice is huge and it´s a pleasure to try out the different options. Especially because you are feeling welcomed and cozy there.

Friendly and Warm Smiles..

This is also reasoned in the friendliness of the staff and their warm smiles, making your stay comfortable and convenient. And this is the feature that makes Emabazzy so incomparable.


Why Embazzy?

Staying there, you can just sink into the comfy sofas, dream yourself away or spend a nice afternoon with friends. Let the time go by and take a break from the world outside. The Embazzy Lifestyle is simple and wonderful. Casual or Business, young or old, you will feel like you never left home, because you can find pieces of it in the lounges of this Bistro. Take your time to relax, work or discuss, taste the flavors of the world and let the travel decoration inspire you. You will love it!

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